Power 1,000 MB
1,000 MB Disk Storage
25 GB/Mo Data Transfer
15 POP3/IMAP Emails
$20/mo. x 12 = $240/yr.
Power 2,500 MB
2,500 MB Disk Storage
50 GB/Mo Data Transfer
20 POP3/IMAP Emails
$25/mo. x 12 = $300/yr.
Power 5,000 MB
5,000 MB Disk Storage
75 GB/Mo Data Transfer
25 POP3/IMAP Emails
$30/mo. x 12 = $360/yr.
Power 7,500 MB
7,500 MB Disk Storage
100 GB/Mo Data Transfer
30 POP3/IMAP Emails
$35/mo. x 12 = $420/yr.




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