opencartOpenCart is an open source e-commerce PHP/MySQL framework that is feature rich, easy to use and search-engine friendly. The software is actively developed, lightweight and easily hosted on a shared web server. Installation is free and straight-forward, with many free extensions available to extend and add features, as well as commercial support available. The administration area is intuitive and easy for non-technical users to manage. Good documentation and tutorials are provided by the developer community. The default installation includes payment support for PayPal, WorldPay, SagePay and other types of payment.

Advantages of OpenCart include low cost, ease of use, many free extensions and community or commercial support. Visit the OpenCart Demonstration site at

Disadvantages are somewhat inherent to open source projects, including lack of extension quality control, difficulty updating depreciated extensions and limited pre-installed options. Some users believe OpenCart lacks advanced search engine optimization capabilities, specifically the ability to create custom URLs.